Credit Analysis & Reporting: Build and Customize your Credit Scoring Models. Evaluate your customers for credit worthiness and determine Credit Limit and Rating

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So how do you decide to award credit ?

The Bectran Scoring models provides you with the very insight you need to understand a customer's credit risk profile and how much credit you should award with minimal risk.

Customize your data requirements for Scoring

Define how you want to use Credit Bureau data, Financial Statements, Internal Customer Credit Information, Country Risk factors, Credit References, Personal Guarantees, Credit Application Information, etc., for Scoring.

Hundreds of scoring models customized to address the specific credit scoring needs of companies in different industries.


Analyze & Measure Customer's Credit Worthiness

Standardize your metrics for credit worthiness measure with clear, intelligent and consistent interpretation of results.

Automatically determine Credit Limit recommendations based on preferences drawn from your corporate credit management policies.


Complete set up takes about 10 minutes

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