Manage all your Tax Exempt Certificates electronically from capture to expiration with auto-update of expiring certificates

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Bectran automates the management of your inventory of tax exempt certificates and eliminates everyday manual tasks of monitoring and updating expiring and invalid certificates.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce audit exposure and assessments.
  • Track and Automate renewal of expiring/expired certificates.
  • Collect, store, and track all certificates.
  • Display, print, or archive your exempt certificates as needed.
  • Access all your certificates speedily -24x7.
  • Eliminate expired, rejected, and misplaced certificates.

Certificate Types:

  • Tax Exempt Certificates.
  • Resale Certificates.
  • Direct Payment Exemption certificate.
  • Uniform Sales & Use Tax Certificate - Multi-Jurisdiction Form.
  • Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement Certificate.
  • International Tax Certificates.

Complete set up takes about 10 minutes

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