Credit Operations Management:
set of tools for organizing and accounting for credit management activities in both simple and complex/matrix organizations.

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" The economics of a cloud-based system and SaaS is really quite favorable for us. We’re able to partner with a company that’s an expert in this kind of area ... We can take Bectran and easily integrate it into our own processes."
- Paul White, Senior Vice President, Outfront Media

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Multi-Business Support

Multi-Business Support allows highly diversified and global companies to organize and manage their credit transactions both centrally and at the decentralized units: divisions, subsidiaries, countries, etc.

Provides key metrics for accounting for and measuring credit management activities at different levels of a company's organizational hierarchy. Very valuable monitoring tool for: CFOs, Treasurers and Corporate Credit Directors.


Operations Management

Operations Management module allows credit management activities to be organized by responsibilities and streamlines the Sales/Customer Service organizations with the Credit/Finance departments for effective communications and routing of messages and documents.

Credit Management Tasks Allocation and Monitoring Queues: The Operations Management module offers a set of methods for assigning tasks to credit personnel and provides a set of metrics for tacking and measuring tasks performance. Very valuable tool for assessing the performance of credit managers.

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