Securely Organize and Access All Your Credit Information At Electronic Speed. A Virtual Filing Cabinet indexed for Quick and Easy access to all your credit documents.

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  • Specify credit documents and how you want them organized in your virtual filing cabinet.
  • Option to track and monitor documents that require periodic updates, such as renewable licenses.
  • Specify Form-Like documents such as multi-party contracts with Electronic Signature capability.
  • Specify access levels for different class of users: Sales/Customer Service, Credit/Finance, Customers, etc.

Secure Access to all your Credit Information

The Bectran Secure Document Vault organizes your credit documents for quick and easy access, and provides secure access for authorized users.


  • Credit Application - complete credit application information
  • Tax Exempt Certificates - including Resale certificates, Direct Payment Exemption certificates, Multi-Jurisdiction certificates, etc.
  • Personal and Corporate Guarantees
  • Credit Bureau Reports
  • Financial Statements
  • ACH Forms
  • All correspondences with Sales, Customers and other Stakeholders
  • Credit References, etc.

Complete set up takes about 10 minutes

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